10 Spooky Halloween Hazards for Pets

004-300x225While Halloween is a fun time of year for some people, it can pose many risks to pets. The staff and doctors at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic want to make sure your furry family members stay safe during this spooky holiday.

Chocolate – Chocolate is poisonous to pets! Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, agitation, increased thirst, elevated heart rate, and seizures.

Candy — Large amounts of high-fat, surgery candy can lead to pancreatitis.

Candy Wrappers — Ingestion of candy wrappers can cause life-threatening obstructions.

Raisins — Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure (even a very small dose).

Glow Sticks — In addition to being a choking hazard, the contents of glow sticks can cause pain and irritation in the mouth.

Costumes — Costumes can have small pieces that pets may ingest causing obstructions or poisoning. Never dye or apply coloring to a pet’s fur!

Candles — Keep candles away from curious noses and wagging tails.

Ringing Door Bells & Costumed Visitors — Trick or Treaters dressed up in costumes continuously ringing your door bell can cause your pet to become very stressed. Try keeping your furry family members in another section of your house with a special Kong treat to keep their minds off of all the visitors.

Open Doors — If you are opening your door to trick or treaters, be cautious of your pet(s) sneaking out. Try to keep your pet away from open doors. It is a very good idea to have your pet microchipped, and wearing a current ID tag just in case.

Alcohol — Alcohol poisoning is more common than you think. Signs of alcohol poisoning are drooling, retching, vomiting or attempt to vomit, distended stomach or bloat, elevated heart rate, weakness, collapse, coma, hypothermia, hypotension, and death.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Neffsville Veterinary Clinic at 717-569-5381 or Pet Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6680.

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