5 Ways to De-Stress Your Pets Next Stay

It’s true that vacationing is a wonderful thing, but for most of us that means leaving our pets behind. Lodging can be a stressful time for our pets. New environments, people and routines all trigger stress in our pets that can cause physical, mental/emotional or medical reactions. Each dog or cat reacts to stress in his or her own way, but just like people sometimes stressful situations can push them over the edge. Because we know you love your pets, we’ve put together a few ways to make sure that you, and your dog, both enjoy your vacations.

1. Get your vaccinations updated a different day, before bringing them in to lodge.
Because we’re connected to your vet clinic, it’s very easy for your dog to associate the discomfort of their shots with their lodging environment, especially if they experience them in the same day. If your pet needs vaccinations updated prior to their stay, we recommend doing on different day than their scheduled check in.

2. Bring a few goodies from home and let us know your routine.
We’re not suggesting that you fill a suitcase, but bringing your dogs’ bed or a few of their favorite toys can help your pet get settled. It’s also a good idea to bring your pets’ current food and treats from home for their stay. By keeping their diet routine the same, your pet is less likely to go on a food strike due to stress or get an upset stomach. Do you feed your pet once a day? Twice a day? Are they used to getting a dental treat at noon? Let us know! Allowing us to help keep things consistent allows your pet just that much more security. If your dog is used to having more activity in the morning or is he/she normally asked to “sit” before walking out the door? Just let us know and the resort staff will keep the routine.

3. Allow your dog to have time to get used to the new environment.
Just like people, the more time dogs spend in a positive environment, the more comfortable and happy they will be. Every dog adjusts to new environment differently, but it’s never a bad idea to ease up to a long stay with a few daycares or one night stays. This allows your pet to get to know the facility, handlers and routine.

4. Don’t make the transitions harder than they have to be.
As much as you want to be a little bit sad when you drop your pet off, they are better off if you play it cool. Animals are incredibility intuitive to their owners’ emotions, so when the owners are sad or anxious, the pets begin to feel and react in the same way. It’s best to keep transitions calm and collected, that way your pet feels as if there is nothing more to worry about. If you wish to see the pets’ rooms, we recommend seeing it before drop off, that way when it does become time to bring in your pet the resort handler can easily take them from the lobby to their rooms with minimal drama.

5. Get plenty of extra activities for your dog to enjoy.
If your dog or cat is used to a certain amount of physical or mental activity during the day, your best bet is to order plenty of fun activities for them while they lodge! A few extra minutes out of their room during the day can help keep the pet occupied, tired, and happy. The resort at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of activities for all pets. These activities range from play times and nature walks to interactive games, Kong snacks and snuggle times.

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