April is Microchip Awareness Month

Copy-of-011April is Microchip Awareness Month.

Microchipping is an easy and inexpensive way to provide a Permanent ID for your pet.

Microchipping is a simple procedure. We inject a rice-sized microchip under the skin in the shoulder area of the pet. The process is similar to giving a routine vaccination.

Your information will be entered into the microchip database.

When your pet is scanned using a hand-held scanner, the pet’s microchip ID number will appear. When the microchip ID number is checked in the database, the pet owner’s information will be retrieved.

Veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and most police stations have microchip scanners to scan lost pets.

Microchipping costs less than $50.00 and is a great way to protect your pet.

Another Great Benefit of Microchipping – PA Lifetime Dog License

All dogs 3 months of age and older must by licensed by law.

Dogs must be microchipped or tattooed to be eligible for a PA Lifetime Dog License.

By purchasing a PA Lifetime Dog License, you will not need to worry about getting a new license each year.

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic has all the paperwork and instructions for lifetime licenses.

To purchase a PA Lifetime Dog License you will need to complete the following steps:

Have your dog microchipped
If your dog is already microchipped, stop by the clinic to have him scanned within 30 days of applying for the license.
We will fill out and sign a Permanent ID form confirming that your pet has a microchip.
We will give you a PA Lifetime Dog License Application that you will fill out and sign
We will give you a PA Lifetime Dog License Information form that includes the following information: Lifetime License Guidelines, Prices, Address and Phone number to the Lancaster County Treasurer’s Office
The fee for a lifetime licenses ranges from $21.50 to $51.50 depending on if the dog owner is a senior citizen or person with a disability and if the dog is spayed or neutered.

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