When we think of February, most of us think about Valentine ’s Day and showering love on our significant others.

This month is also……Adopt a Rescue Rabbit month! Rabbits can make wonderful companions with their fluffy tails, soulful eyes, and expressive ears. They come in a variety of sizes and have a wide range of personalities.

Bunnies can be bashful, gentle and content to sit on your lap for some snuggles. Others are quirky, playful and will enjoy bounding around the room during play time.

Rabbits can live around 7-10 years, and they require the same amount of time and attention as your average dog or cat. Some can be shy and timid at first, but once a bunny has bonded with you, they will thoroughly enjoy spending time together.

If you are looking for a new animal companion this February, check out your local shelters and adopt a rabbit. A bunny could be the Valentine you’ve been waiting for.

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