Canine Influenza & Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis

gatsby-300x199Some local lodginggatsby, grooming, and training facilities have temporarily closed down because of outbreaks of Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis. Clients are frequently inquiring about Canine Influenza, especially the new Asian strain. We would like to educate our clients on how to keep their pets safe from these two very prevalent diseases that are frequently discussed in the media.

Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis is also known as kennel cough. This respiratory disease is highly contagious. Dogs that go to a grooming facility, lodging facility, dog park, or participate in any other activities that include close contact with other dogs are at risk for this disease. Symptoms can last up to 2 weeks and include a dry cough, lethargy, appetite loss, and fever. The best ways to keep your dog safe are by preventing exposure and vaccinating every 6 months. While vaccinating will not provide 100% protection for every strain of Infectious Tracheobronchitis, it will significantly decrease the risk of your dog contracting this aggravating disease. Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis is usually treated with antibiotics and a cough suppressant and in most cases dogs will make a 100% recovery.

Canine Influenza (also known as the dog flu), is a relatively new disease that has affected thousands of dogs in the United States. Canine Influenza is a highly contagious disease in dogs caused by a specific influenza viruses. Just like the Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis, Canine Influenza is a risk to any dog that goes to grooming facilities, lodging facilities, dog parks, or participates in other activities that include close contact with other dogs. The signs of Canine Influenza can include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, nasal discharge, and fever. The best way to keep your dog safe is by preventing exposure or vaccinating. The Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine is highly effective against the American strain, but the degree of cross-protection against the new Asian strain is unknown at this time.

We encourage pet owners to contact us if their dog exhibits any symptoms of these 2 diseases.

For the safety of our patients, we require the Canine Influenza Virus Vaccine as well as the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine for any dogs in our lodging or grooming facilities.

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