• Please select any additional activities or services you would like for your furry friend during their stay with us!

  • Fun Activities

  • Playtime

    10 minutes of one- on-one time with a handler in our activity play room.

  • Snuggle Time

    10 minutes of belly rubs, snuggling, and relaxing one- on-one time.

  • Extra Walk

    One additional extra-long walk will be added to your pet’s stay.

  • Pet Postcard

    Receive one photoand typed e-mail from your pet. (We will help!)

  • Bedtime Story

    Similar to a snuggle time, we will read to your pet right before lights out.

  • Delicious Treats

  • Peanut Butter Kong

    Stuffed with peanut butter and frozen.

  • Kong-of-the-Month

    Stuffed with a tasty veterinarian approved treat.

  • Sensitive Stomach

    Stuffed with canned food designed for easy digestion.

  • Other treat options:

  • Sunrise Breakfast

    We will prepare a healthy breakfast: fresh banana slices and hardboiled egg.

  • Gourmet Treats

    Choose from our select of gourmet treats baked by Two Pups Pastries. (Price as marked)

  • Treat Time

    Choose from a variety of treats in our boutique area. We offer Lean Treats, dental chews and treats, and more.

  • Spa Services

    We bathe your dog the night before or morning of checkout.
    Cleansing bath, coat brushing, blow dry, and pedicure
    Nail trim and a treat for being so good!