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Celebrate Your Mixed Breed Mutt!

Canine companionship is a treasure and a gift beyond measure. For many of us this holiday season, our four-legged friends are at the top of our “Things We are Thankful for” list. On December 2nd, we paused to honor our mixed breed dogs on National Mutt Day! While some people might think the word “mutt” is an undesirable description, those of us who own one know how charming and special they are, and wouldn’t trade them for the world. While both pure breed and mixed breed canines have the potential to become a loveable f

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Diabetes Mellitus

Alexzis Beard, CVT

Today, it isn’t uncommon to know someone who has diabetes; but similar to humans, cats and dogs can also be diagnosed with this disease. Did you know that Diabetes Mellitus occurs in female dogs twice as often as males and most dogs are diagnosed between the ages of 7-10 years, whereas most cats are typically diagnosed around the age of 6 years and older?

So, what is Diabetes Mellitus exactly?

Diabetes is an endocrine disease in which the body can’t use

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Basic Bunny Nutrition

Jessie L. Rayburn, CVT
Anyone who has owned a rabbit knows they are unique and special creatures. These cotton tailed companions house a variety of traits and endearing characteristics. Rabbit nutrition is a vital part of a bunny’s health and happiness, especially when it comes to feeding time. You and your bunny can have a lot of fun expanding their culinary experiences! Here is a quick summary of what should comprise a rabbit’s routine menu.

Hay: This is perhaps the most i

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Grain Free Diets and Heart Disease

What is the latest information about myocardial failure and grain-free diets?

In July 2018, the FDA issued a warning that some diets might be associated with a heart disease called Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). However, the association is far from established or clear.

As of July 2018, several cardiologists have examined this issue and have not come to a single conclusion — some have implicated diets and taurine (an amino acid) deficiency in specific breeds (e.g. Golden Retrievers) (Olsen 2018) (M

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Potentially Deadly Dog Flu Rages Through Country, Including Pennsylvania

LANCASTER, PA – Local veterinary officials are urging owners to vaccinate their dogs against the potentially deadly canine influenza virus that is sweeping through central Pennsylvania. Up until recently, the majority of cases have been limited to major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Just this week, several cases have been reported in Red Lion, PA and doctors expect that number to rise exponentially in surrounding areas.

Just like the human flu, new strains of canine influenza spread quickly and once

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Heartworm Disease In Dogs

Dr. Nicole BlitheHeartworm disease is a very serious diagnosis and disease in cats and dogs. Heartworms are parasites (worms) that live in the heart, lungs and blood vessels in dogs and cats.

Heartworms, a year-round concern, are transmitted by mosquitos. A mosquito will bite a dog and take a blood meal. If the dog is infected with heartworms, the mosquito will pick up microfilaria (immature worm). The microfilaria will begin maturation in the mosquito over 10 to 14 days. The mosquito then bites another

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Complimentary Puppy Parent Seminar

Join us for our complimentary Puppy Parent Seminar on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 from 6-7pm!

This seminar is perfect for...

  • New puppy parents

  • Clients thinking about getting a

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Laser Treatment Awareness Month!

December is a month of holiday cheer, snowflakes and sleigh rides, and winter time fun.  It also happens to be…..Laser Treatment Awareness month!  Laser therapy is a useful tool to reduce swelling, alleviate pain, and help increase healing.  It can also help relax muscles and improve circulation. 

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Getting to Know Simparica; A Flea and Tick Preventative

By: Jessie L. Rayburn, CVT

The doctors and staff at Neffsville are always striving to provide the best in high quality, veterinary medicine for your animal companion.  As we endeavor to achieve this objective, we often find new methods, or products, to help us reach our goal.  We are happy to announce a new flea and tick preventative we will offer to our canine patien

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We are pleased to announce that our clinic has a new product that we are very excited about — Simparica Chewables.  Simparica is a once-monthly, liver-flavored, chewable that helps protect your dog from fleas and ticks. 

Our doctors review preventative products regularly to ensure we are offering the most effective products to our clients. Read More

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