Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment plan

A COHAT is a Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment plan. The term COHAT is more accurate than dental because many times oral surgical extractions or restorative techniques are performed. It is also a better term because, without anesthesia, it is impossible to know with 100% certainty how much treatment your dog’s or cat’s mouth will need. The Doctors at Neffsville will attempt to provide an accurate estimate based on visual examination in your awake pet, but under anesthesia a much more accurate Assessment and Plan can be provided.

Once your pet is under anesthesia the mouth is probed and charted. The dental nurses at Neffsville will record level of tartar, gingivitis, depth of gingival pockets, gum recession, tooth wear, enamel defects, and any other abnormalities within the mouth. Next, the teeth will be scaled with an ultrasonic scaler to efficiently remove surface tartar and calculus from the tooth surface and below the gumline. A polishing will then be performed to smooth the enamel surface to reduce adherence of tartar and bacteria in the future.

Based on the findings of the anesthetized oral examination x-rays of teeth may be ordered by the Doctors at Neffsville. Our digital x-ray machine allows us to instantly capture images to analyze the internal tooth structure, the bony socket, and an important structure known as the periodontal ligament. If there is irreversible disease present, oral surgical extraction of affected teeth after numbing with novicaine will be performed. Neffsville has a multi-function high-speed oral surgical drill to minimize pain and time involved in extractions. Stitches placed after extractions are absorbable. After any COHATs involving extractions your pet will be sent home on pain medicine and need to be fed canned food for approximately 5 days.

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