Fleas & Ticks in the Fall

Fleas & Ticks in the FallFall is a beautiful time of year with all of the mums, hayrides, and pumpkin everything! It is also the worst season for fleas and ticks. As the weather gets cooler, these parasites are searching for a warm place to call home for the winter. What better place than your house?!

Our practice recommends year-round protection to keep your family members healthy and free of diseases. In the clinic we have Simparica or Credelio for our canine friends, and Revolution Plus for our feline friends. Our in-clinic prices are the LOWEST prices anywhere with the rebates and FREE DOSES exclusively at NVC.

Our online store offers additional flea/tick preventative options if you prefer another product for your pet. Our online store offers rebates and has a FIRST15 for new users to save 15% off your total preventative purchase. If you have any questions or would like to stock up, please give our clinic a call at (717) 569-5381.

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