Laser Treatment Awareness Month!

December is a month of holiday cheer, snowflakes and sleigh rides, and winter time fun.  It also happens to be…..Laser Treatment Awareness month!  Laser therapy is a useful tool to reduce swelling, alleviate pain, and help increase healing.  It can also help relax muscles and improve circulation.  “Laser” therapy stands for Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Through a process called “photobiomodulation”, this rehabilitative tool uses light to modify the physiology of cells and tissues. (  At Neffsville Veterinary Clinic, we use laser therapy for a variety of conditions such as arthritis, patients who have suffered a traumatic injury, lick granulomas, wounds, and post surgical incisions. 

We have had many success stories and have several pets who get laser therapy on a regular basis.  Our In Patient nurses look forward to seeing their regular laser therapy patients and appreciate the bond they get to share each visit.  One such patient is Lola Velotas.  She is a beautiful 7 year old German Shepherd.  Her owners Pete and Renee shared a little bit about Lola’s experience with laser therapy:

“Lola is a seven year old 110 pound, big boned German Shepherd.  She was an active dog involved in agility, obedience and fly ball.  She tore her ACL while playing ball at home in the snow three years ago and required surgery to repair her knee.  After the surgery, Lola became very cautious and did not want to play as much.  When she did play, later in the day she would be very reluctant to go up and down stairs.  We started laser therapy on Lola’s knees and now she is back to playing ball and being her old active self.  Thank you everyone at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic for the recommendation of laser therapy and the caring touch.”

-Pete and Renee Velotas

One of the best parts about working in the veterinary field is being a part of our patient’s rehabilitation.  Seeing a pet recover from an illness or injury is the highlight of what we do at Neffsville.  Laser therapy is just one of the many tools at our disposal.  Thank you to Lola’s family for letting us share her story as we celebrate Laser Treatment month!   

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