Neffsville Veterinary Clinic is proud to announce our NEW Canine Education Classes. The Program will consist of group classes, private lessons and fun, interactive “Training Talks” and workshops.

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic is proud to announce the grand opening of the Canine Education Center. The programs will consist of group classes, private lessons and fun, interactive “Training Talks” and workshops.

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Classes Currently Available:
· Puppy Socialization Class
· Puppy Manners Class
· Basic Manners Class
· Private Training Class


Laurin Dickson, Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Laurin Dickson started training at a very young age, when she first discovered that she could teach her family dog to do things by sharing her hotdogs. At that time, what started as a successful “show and tell” routine, turned into a long term career choice.

While obtaining her undergraduate degree from Liberty University where she studied Rhetorical Analysis: Public Forum Speech Communication, Crisis Communication and American Sign Language and Interpretation, Laurin began fostering for local shelters and rescues, focusing on dog with behavioral concerns. She spent the next few years working at shelters, boarding facilities, and shadowing and mentoring under other professional trainers. She then obtained her Professional Dog Trainer certification through Catch Canine Trainers Academy. She is an active member of Therapy Dog International, where she and her dog, Rosie serve as a certified Pet Therapy team. She also is an active volunteer and continues to foster for The Sebastian Foundation for Animal Rescue.

Laurin currently resides in Washington Boro with her husband, Jeff and four, four-legged housemates; Molly (English Shepherd) Rosie (Border Collie/Aussie) Andy (Long-haired Chihuahua) and Alice (Himalayan/Siamese).



This class is designed to set your new puppy up for successes by providing the proper socialization and care. Help your new family addition get comfortable with other dogs, new people, and being touched or held. In this class, w focus on creating s lasting bond between you and your pup while making the world a fun and non-threatening place to be. This class consists of interactive games like “pass the puppy”, “the name game” and “gotcha”! Owners will also learn helpful tips on house breaking, crate training and how to keep your pup mentally and physically stimulated. Let’s teach your pup basic cues like “sit” and “down” while creating a positive association to things like white coats, nail trimmers and crates.

Class length: 6 weeks (or until aged out)
Class Rate: $150

In the next few weeks, your puppy will learn:
·Their name and how to respond to it
·How to be handled by strangers
·How to properly greet and play with other dogs
·How to handle having their ears, paws and mouths touched and maneuvered
·To “Come’ when called (recall)
·To “Sit” on cue
·To “Down” on cue



This class is designed for puppies who have either aged out or have completed Puppy Socialization. In this class, we focus on laying a solid foundation in creating a well-mannered, responsive dog. In addition to nurturing the bond between you and your dog, you will learn or get a refresher on the core cues like “sit”, “down” and “come”. They will also be introduced to new skills like hand targeting, “place” and “stay”.

Class length: 6 weeks
Class Rate: $150

In the next six weeks, your puppy will learn:
·To “Come’ when called (recall)
·To “Sit” on cue
·To “Down” on cue
·To “Stay” while in a “Sit” or a “Down”
·“Wait” at doors or in the car
·Loose leash walking
·Hand targeting
·“Place” on cue

In addition to these skills, we will also discuss the following topics in class:
·Mouthing and Play biting
·Mental Stimulation



Our Basic Manners class is a great starter class for newly added adult dogs or adult dogs who have had no previous training. This class is designed for adult dogs over the age of 6 months. Puppies who have successfully taken our Puppy Manners class are free to test out of Basic Manners. In this class, we focus on setting a foundation for a happy, well-communicated life between you and your dog.

Class length: 6 weeks
Class Rate: $150

In this six week course, your dog will learn:
· “Sit”
· “Down”
· “Come”/ Recall
· Hand Targeting
· “Place”
· “Leave it”
· “Wait”
· “Off”
· Release/Free cue

In addition to these skills, this class will also discuss:
· Loose leash walking
· Motivation
· Dog Body Language
· Training Equipment
· Adjusting an adult dog to a new home/environment



In addition to our group classes, we also offer private dog training sessions at our clinic or in your home to help with behavior and/or training issues. Our private sessions can be tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Often time’s behavior problems with fear, aggression, and separation are more effectively and appropriately addressed in a private session rather in a group setting. Your dog will receive more personal attention with our trainer to address any training needs or behavioral concerns.

30 minutes = $45.00 60 minutes = $75.00

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