Pampered Pet Month

Celebrate pampered pet month by getting your fur baby pampered in our grooming salon.

Our standard dog grooming packages include a bath with basic shampoo, blow dry, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, nail trimming with nail clippers, and a haircut. All of these services are beneficial to the health and comfort of your pooch.

If you are looking to upgrade your grooming package in honor of pampered pet month, we have many options available. Our most popular add-on is nail dremeling (also referred to as nail grinding or filing). We use a dremel, or rotary, tool on a low setting with an attachment similar to an emery board to gently smooth away the nail. This technique allows us to get a closer trim and smoother finish than with traditional nail trimming with clippers.

Another popular add-on is teeth brushing. We use an enzymatic toothpaste and a double ended toothbrush to brush all those hard to reach teeth. If you would like to keep the toothbrush, just ask! We will be happy to recommend a toothpaste to use with it. For our double coated friends we offer a shed control treatment, which helps reduce shedding using a variety of techniques. Some of these include brushing with specialized tools used for undercoat, a coconut lime shed control shampoo that exfoliates the skin to help “lift” the undercoat out, and blowing out the undercoat with a hand dryer. In addition to the shed control shampoo, we offer a variety of upgraded shampoos like soothing apple oatmeal for itchy skin, white and bright for light colored coats, and many medical shampoo treatments to help with different skin issues. Our newest add-on is a blueberry facial that can help reduce the appearance of tear stains with repeated use. This soap-free cleanser is oatmeal based and uses white tea and ginger to gently remove dirt and exfoliate the skin. Plus it smells amazing!

If you are looking for the ultimate spa day for your pooch, upgrade to our Pampered Pet Package that includes nail dremeling, teeth brushing, massage with upgraded shampoo and conditioner, blueberry facial, a bow or bandana and a emailed photo of your pet with our fun seasonal backgrounds. With your consent, we will also post the photo of your pet on our social media sites to make them really feel like a star! Schedule an appointment with Alex, Kacie, or Margaret today.

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