Pet Dentistry

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By Dr. James P. Doman

Neffsville Veterinary Clinic has an experienced team of veterinarians all committed to excellence in general dentistry of dogs, cats, and rabbits. We care for our dental patients in our fully-equipped dental suite located in the Inpatient Department. Our dental nurses work with each doctor and assist with anesthesia, patient monitoring, charting, teeth cleaning, and dental x-rays. Our dental suite has two stations equipped with anesthesia machines, full patient monitoring, digital radiography x-ray, high-speed water-cooled drill, ultrasonic scalers, and electrocautery.

The basic cause of most dental problems is the accumulation of plaque and tartar, which leads to gingivitis and periodontal disease. These oral infections of the teeth and gums may lead to painful tooth root abscesses and the need for extraction. Our primary goal is to stop this progression of pathology by encouraging teeth brushing at home, regular professional prophylactic cleanings, and sometimes tooth extractions or other treatment plans. Pain medication and antibiotics are used along with owner education to prevent future problems.

We believe that every dental patient should have x-rays taken at every procedure to thoroughly diagnose dental problems under the gums so that we can properly treat them. We also believe that untreated dental disease contributes to other medical problems in our patients, and often is the basis of pain-related behavior changes. Good dental care is part of good overall healthcare for our dogs, cats, and rabbits. Please ask any member of our staff about your dental concerns. All of our doctors are open for appointments to discuss dental treatment plans for your pet.

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