dvm (69)Pet insurance helps pet owners provide the best possible care for their pet(s). Pet insurance could save pet parents thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses if their pet becomes sick or injured.

There are numerous companies that offer pet insurance. Several of our clients use PetPlan, Nationwide (formally known as VPI), Trupanion or ASPCA – and we accept all plans here at NVC.

Many pet insurance companies are beginning to offer pet owners the luxury of customizing their own coverage by allowing them to choose their level of coverage and deductible. This allows pet parents to control their monthly premium and choose the level of coverage that works best for them. Policy pricing is also based on the pet’s age, breed, pre-existing conditions, and service location.

Below are some differences in insurance coverages:

  • Whether congenital and hereditary conditions are covered (hip dysplasia, heart defects, eye cataracts or diabetes)
  • How the reimbursement is calculated (based on the actual veterinary invoice, a benefit schedule or usual and customary rates)
  • Whether the deductible is on a per-incident or an annual basis
  • Whether there are any limits or caps applied (per incident, per year, age or over the pet’s lifetime)
  • Whether there is an annual contract that determines anything diagnosed in the previous year of coverage is considered pre-existing the next year

How does pet insurance work at our clinic?

The client is responsible for paying the entire veterinary bill at the time of service. We will give the client an extra copy of their invoice to submit to their insurance company. Most plans have an APP to make submitting receipts/claims quick and easy. The insurance company will reimburse the client directly.

If you have any additional questions regarding veterinary pet insurance, please feel free to contact our clinic.