Veterinary Myths

Kaitlyn-200x300By Kaitlin Evaston

Working at a veterinary hospital can be extremely trying day in and day out. As a hospital we deal with sick animals, healthy animals, angry animals, and all sorts of interesting personalities.

We also have heard some of the wildest myths. This is not to say that people make these so called veterinary myths up.

The biggest offender for these crazy myths is the internet. I have no doubt that internet has some great information, but when it comes to veterinary care, the best person to consult for veterinary advice is your veterinarian.

That being said, veterinary myths are very real and there are so many of them. There are myths about dental disease and spaying/neutering your pet. There are myths about the right kind of food to feed your dog or even about certain breeds being susceptible to different illnesses. As a pet parent, we all feed into these myths at some point. My dog gets terribly carsick, so I read about all the ways to help with the carsickness. Everything from giving my dog smarties before he gets in the car to taking rides around the block until he became immune to the moving vehicle. I explained what was happening to my vet and she lead me through a discussion on how to help de-sensitize him to the motion illness and explained that if that didn’t work, there was always a medication to help. Although my dog still gets carsick when we go on long drives, I am equipped with all the things that I need every time that I go away.

There’s always going to be different ways to see the world, but when it comes to your furry friend, you need the truth. Each Monday I will provide you all with some good old myth busting from the professionals here at Neffsville Veterinary Clinic. And if you at home have a question or possible myth, feel free to email them to us. We want to provide you with all the information you need to help your pet live a healthy life. Thanks for reading our first Myth Monday post! Tune in next week for our first myth busting journey: Dispelling Dental Myths.

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